Now Accepting Conference Speaker Proposals

CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Deadline November 16, 2018

Please Read the Following Information & Guidelines Before Applying Below

We are now accepting proposals for our 2019 annual conference “EMPOWERING ALL: COUNSELING ACROSS THE LIFESPAN.” It is our goal to draw on the unique strengths of our community, our clients, and our fellow counselors to inspire growth and efficacy throughout an individual’s life. We understand the difficulty clients and counselors alike may face when encountering challenges at each developmental stage and value the creativity of our interventions.

We encourage proposals that may highlight creative processes, practices, methods, and techniques that address the distinctive challenges New Mexican’s face regarding mental health and wellness including the following focus areas:
1. Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship.
2. Human Growth and Development.
3. Social and Cultural Foundations.
4. Group Dynamics and Counseling.
5. Career Development and Counseling.
6. Assessment.
7. Research and Program Evaluation.
8. Counselor Professional Identity and Practice Issues.
9. Wellness and Prevention.

We are interested in presentations that are practical, hands-on that demonstrate to audience members the “how to” do this in their own practice, as well as presentations that are focused on prevention, intervention and recovery (broadly defined).

Conference Audience:
As attendees represent the diversity of the larger field of counseling, we invite potential presenters to consider the application of their work in the contexts of school counseling, mental health counseling, as well as with diverse types of clients. Attendees may work in private practice, agencies, K-12, higher education, corrections, and within state and federal government. We ask that all presentations are compliant with ADA standards, and that presenters keep this in mind when developing activities for attendees.

a. All presenters must provide their own laptops and handout materials.  Projectors and screens will be available in each room.
b. All proposals must be submitted electronically.  Proposals submitted in any other format will not be considered.
c. Primary presenters must:
i.   Hold a graduate degree in a mental health field from a regionally accredited educational institution; and
ii.  Be qualified by appropriate education, experience, and/or training to present/author the particular subject
matter, or author the publication concerning the subject matter. must hold an advanced degree (master’s or
higher) in a mental health field or demonstrate competency through appropriate education, training, or
professional expertise with regard to the topic presented.
d. Presenters are responsible for all travel expenses including but not limited to lodging, transportation, and meals.
e. Presenters may not submit presentations that in nature promote a product or service, or sell any products or services during the session. Presenters who wish to sell products or services must purchase exhibit space.
f. ***Presenters must register for the conference by Friday, February 23, 2018. This year’s selected presenters will receive 20% off conference registration.